Even when you have good things to say about a person, it’s a shady practice — so let’s all refuse to perpetuate it

“Business writing” isn’t what it used to be — no one starts a letter with “Dear Sir/Madam” anymore (or even writes letters, for that matter). Advice about professional writing in the workplace, however, hasn’t caught up to the new realities of distributed working and asynchronous communication.

People tend to conflate leadership with supervising other people. But there’s nothing inherent to the concept of leadership that says you have to be a manager.

This article is based on a talk originally delivered at the Women in Tech Summit, a benefit for TechGirlz, a nonprofit inspiring middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers. Lauren Hasson, photo.

Domain Leadership vs. People Leadership

Emily Triplett Lentz

Content marketing consultant; formerly Loom, Help Scout, Basecamp.

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